In addition to writing books, I:

0.5) Am an only child.

0.75) Write music.

1) (Used to?) curate digital language art. In February 2019, I co-curated Brown University's Interrupt V festival. In 2017, I curated U R Here: A Festivl of Digital Language Art, at Rutgers University. And from 2014-2017, I served as the lead organizer/co-curator of WordHack at Babycastles Gallery, a monthly series focused on digital language art, computational poetry, audiovisual alphabets, the Internet, and other electricities.

1.5) Spent a summer creating time-based video art meditating on ecological disaster and human and non-human animal suffering.

2) Wrote and performed in the anarcho-comedic, site-specific duo Special America (ELMCIP entry), which made a movie and was briefly Atelier Spatial America, a speculative architecture and design firm. An exercise in and exorcism of American and community-driven exceptionalisms, Special America incorporated a variety of themes, including ambiguous political speech, hacker entrepreneurialism, the NYC Poetry Industrial Complex, adjunct labor, genre and gender politics, the corporatization of higher education, institutional art economies, and e-poetics. Purposefully provocative and pointedly prolix, Special America was described by artists and scholars as "the Barnum and Bailey of postmodern theory," "a post-millenial Dead Kennedys," and "the Internet."

3) Collaborate with other artists and writers, including Savannah Hampton, Carl Ferrero, Mark Marino, David Jhave JohnstonIan HatcherTim Terhaar, Álvaro Seiça, and Luc Dell’Armellina.

4) Have been practicing yoga since I was 16. I received a teaching certification in 2011 and have experience leading meditations and giving yoga classes and lessons in various non-Yoga Industrial Complex contexts (e.g., at artist residencies and in university-level creative writing courses). I practice ashtanga yoga at The Shala in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

5) Practice with the sangha at the Zen Center of New York City (Fire Lotus Temple)/Zen Mountain Monastery.

5.75) Am a mentor for the PEN Prison Writing Project.

5.76) Am a children's reading and zine tutor. <3

6) Draw scrappy comics and portraits of people I love.

7) Have served as an architecture critic at Pratt Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, and am happy to serve as one elsewhere. (Note: I am not the architect Claire Donato.)

I am also involved in direct action activism in New York City, am a member-owner of the Park Slope Food Coop, and care deeply about food politics.